24 Coffee Shops in Austin You Should Try

24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas

The first thing I do when I visit a new city is scope out the coffee shops. I start by searching for the third-wave coffee shops with good baristas, and then sometimes I’ll fill out my list with a couple shops that just look cute. But I’ll never show up in a new city without a list of at least 5-10 coffee shops to try while I’m there.

And so for you, dear reader, I’ve compiled this long list of coffee shops in Austin that you should visit. I’ve done my best to specify why they’re included here.

Read on, and drink a cup of coffee for me!

24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas

1. Houndstooth Coffee

(For the coffee snob)

You don’t have to ask around very long to hear a pretty unanimous murmur about Houndstooth: they’re just the best. Houndstooth is known for producing a great cup of coffee, whether you prefer an espresso, a milk-based drink, or a pour over. Even their drip coffee is great when you’re in a hurry and just need a big cup ‘o joe.

I’ve been to this coffee shop more than any other one in Austin, and it’s my very favorite in the city. They have multiple locations around Austin, and even a few locations in Dallas!


2. Stouthuas Coffee Pub

(For the workaholic)

Stouthaus is fun because it’s a coffee shop AND beer pub in South Austin. There are lots of east side and downtown coffee shops, but it’s hard to find a good one as you go further south.

Stouthaus is open late, so you can plug in your laptop and work away….or grab a beer and hang out with a friend!


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3. Wright Bros. Brew & Brew

(Good espresso, craft beer, and a hipster place to work)

This was one of the first coffee shops I visited in Austin, and I immediately though, “woah….Austin is cool.”

The folks at Brew & Brew do a great job of sourcing coffee beans from around the U.S. and abroad (I’ve seen 49th Parallel from Vancouver, and The Barn from Berlin.) They make lovely espresso drinks, and, as you can probably tell from the name, have a wall of craft beer on tap as well.

I love the feel of this place. It has a giant garage door at the front, and they’ll open that up on nice days to have an indoor/outdoor feel to the place. Rosen’s Bagels recently started a daily pop-up shop, and they’re the best bagels in the city!


4. Hank’s

(Maybe the prettiest coffee shop you’ve ever seen.)

Hank’s is owned by the same team who did Henri’s (RIP), and the details are EVERYTHING. The whicker chairs, terra-cotta planters, and gorgeous light fixtures make it a fun place to just sit and be and enjoy the moment.

It’s an all-day coffee shop/restaurant/bar, so go in the morning if you want the coffee shop experience. (It transitions to dinner service later in the day.)


5. Intelligentsia

(For a world-renowned coffee roaster in Downtown Austin)

24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas

Intelligentsia (a Chicago coffee roaster) rose to fame by being one of the original “Big Three” third-wave coffee roasters from the 90s. They finally opened a coffee shop in Downtown Austin, and it’s a gorgeous place to stop in to grab a cappuccino. 

Pair your drink with a treat from the pastry case. Sour Duck Market and Easy Tiger, two local bakeries, provide all the goodies. 


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6. Fleet Coffee

(Best coffee…and don’t let the size of this teeny-tiny shop fool you)

24 best coffee shops in Austin: Fleet Coffee

Co-owers Patrick and Lorenzo have established themselves as two of the biggest coffee buffs in town. They know their stuff, and they’ll be sure to serve you one of the best cups of coffee in Austin.

This is a great place to buy beans! I always ask my barista lots of questions, and I learn something new every time I visit.


7. Patika

(For a great cup of coffee + the BEST scones in town)

Patika is one of my go-to coffee shops for exceptional drinks prepared by skilled baristas, a cozy place to hunker down and work on a laptop, and THE best scones in town!  rows of small tables full of people chatting, reading, and typing away at their laptops. 

They also have a breakfast trailer out back, and for too many months I ignored it. A few weeks ago, I finally indulged in one of their giant breakfast sandwiches, and friends: why didn’t I try it sooner?


8. Flat Track

(Most unique coffee shop in Austin)

Flat Track is a well-known Austin roaster that shares a coffee space with…a bike shop? Yep! This is one of the most unique coffee shops in Austin. 

You’ll walk in and smell a hint of tire rubber mingling with the roasted coffee beans. While the buzz of the coffee grinder is preparing your morning caffeine, you can watch the bike repair dudes tune up your bike for that weekend ride.


9. Halcyon (Mueller location)

(It’s just really cute)

Back in my online dating days, I had many a first date at Halcyon downtown. (None of those dates went anywhere, but at least it was a darling place to sit and chat awkwardly with a stranger.)

Halcyon’s second location in Mueller has now opened, and it’s one of the brightest, prettiest, cutest places I’ve ever seen. Giant windows fill the space with natural light, and colorful tiles provide the perfect backdrop for photos. It’s an instagramer’s paradise.


10. Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

(An all-day coffee shop/restaurant)

The best coffee shops in Austin

The all-day restaurant thing is such a trend right now. It totally makes sense for restaurants to be able to open as a coffee shop in the morning, then transition to a restaurant for lunch/dinner and be able to be profitable all day long. And I how these places, like Better Half Bar, are often bigger spaces to allow plenty of space to meet up with some friends or work on a laptop for a couple hours.

Better Half has an adorable interior, a giant back patio, and lots of parking…quite the luxury considering its downtown location! You can show up for breakfast and pastries, a lunch date, or dinner + cocktails!


11. Radio Coffee and Beer

(Live music + beer, and get the best migas taco in Austin at the truck parked out back)

Radio is known for being a great place to meet up with a group….so this place is often packed! Even the overflow parking lots is often full. Don’t let that scare you away, though. This hotspot is known for being one of the biggest indoor/outdoor coffee shops in Austin, so there are plenty of tables for everyone.

Inside, you’ll find a small corner stage for singer/songwriter performances on select evenings. Veracruz All Natural has a permanent food truck parked outside, which is where you’ll be able to get some of the best tacos in the city.


12. Merit Coffee

(For a beautiful place to work + drink coffee)

24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas

San Antonio’s Local Coffee rebranded as Merit Coffee, and they now have several locations around Austin.  They use their own excellent coffee roast, and the pastries from San Antonio’s Bakery Lorraine are ah-mazing. I have to get one of their chocolate donuts to enjoy with my coffee every time I’m there!


13. Seventh Flag

(For meeting a friend for a coffee date)

Seventh Flag is a tiny bungalow-turned-coffee-shop on South First street, and it is absolutely darling. This is my go-to place for setting up coffee meetings, because it’s intimate, pretty, and um…it’s across the street from Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts. (*wink.)


14. Mañana

(Pretty and trendy on South Congress + the best pastries)

It’s tucked underneath the iconic South Congress Hotel, which means this place isn’t lacking in design. Mañana is small, so you might not be able to get a table, but it’s still a lovely place for grabbing a drink and then doing some serious people watching on South Congress!

The pastries here are from the award-winning pastry chef at Café no Se, and dang she can create some delicious goodies! Manana is actually home to my very favorite cinnamon roll from this list of the best cinnamon rolls in Austin. 


15. Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

(Best cup of coffee in the city)

Austin’s east side has it goin’ on in the coffee shop department… Figure 8 adds to the list of coffee shops that are dedicated to perfecting their craft. I like this place because it’s similar in quality to Fleet Coffee, but it’s a much larger space. You’ll (hopefully) be able to find space to work if you decided to camp out for a bit.


16. Jo’s Coffee (South Congress Location)

(Go for a picture by the mural)

Jo’s is the home of the famous “I Love You So Much” sign. I’ve taken more pictures there than I can count…I’ve even accidentally filmed a marriage proposal! For everyone who is coming through Austin, you must stop by this iconic sign for a quick snap.

I’ve gotta say…the coffee isn’t spectacular. (But lots of Austinites of pretty crazy about Jo’s Iced Turbo, a very sweet/chocolatey iced drink). But if you choose to stay, you can grab a caffeinated beverage and a breakfast taco and enjoy the sights of South Congress from this coffee shop.


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17. Sa-Tén Coffee and Eats

(Most unique: a Japanese coffee house)

Coffee shop in Austin!

I wrote up this post all about Sa-Ten, so I’m not going in to too much depth here. But I will quickly mention that this coffee house and eatery has the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner bites than you’ll find at any other coffee shop. If you want coffee + food, go here!


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18. Hot L Coffee

(The prettiest hotel coffee shop)

24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas

Hot L Coffee is located in the lobby of the boutique Carpenter Hotel, and it’s so charming. Stop in for a latte and house-made pastry (those chocolate chip cookies are RIDICULOUS.) 


19. Cuvée Coffee Bar

(Cold draft coffee and beer)

Just like Stouthaus, Cuvee Coffee in East Austin is a good transition space to go from work to play. Head there in the afternoon for some caffeine and a work sesh, and then stay with friends for a round of beers in the evening. 


20. Café Medici

(Old school Austin coffee shop with multiple locations)

24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas

Café Medici is now the biggest coffee chain in Austin, with 5 locations. Their first location opened in 2006 on West Lynn, and that’s still my favorite one. Everyone there is super nice, they care about the quality of the coffee and the happiness of their customers. Take a look at all of their locations and you’ll see that Café Medici puts a lot of thought and pride in their design.

21. Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden

(For a serene outdoor space with water and gardens)

Best coffee shops in Austin

One of the biggest perks of this place is their HUGE outdoor space! They have a pond with running water, lots of picnic tables, a fire pit, and some gardens.

It’s open early to late, transitioning from a coffee shop to a bar. Leroy and Lewis food truck is parked to the side, so grab some BBQ for lunch (or a bagel with BBQ cream cheese for breakfast!) and enjoy the nature.

I will say….the coffee here is not my favorite. I’ve tried it 3 times, and it has never impressed me. But I keep going back because the space is just so cool!


22. Tom’s Roasting Company

(Coffee + Shopping)

24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas

Tom’s, the company known for one for one shoe program, also has a few cafés around the country, and one of those is in Austin. There’s plenty of seating for those who want to hang out for a bit; or, you can grab some coffee and enjoy it while you shop for shoes + sunnies.


23. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

(Coffee with a view of the lake)

(Source: Mozart’s Coffee Roasters)

I’ve been to Mozart’s many times for a solo coffee date with my earbuds and a journal. It’s a therapeutic thing, indeed, to sip a hot beverage at the edge of the lake and write out your feelings.


24. Plaza Colombian Coffee

(Colombian coffee/pastries + a drive thru!)

24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas

Sometimes….you just need a drive-thru option. Plaza Colombian Coffee on South Congress has an easy drive-thru window for those days when you just can’t get out of the car, and plenty of seating inside for meeting up with friends or solo work sessions. 

They have all sorts of delicious Colombian pastries and lunch snacks, too! 


24 best coffee shops in Austin Texas











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