27 Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday At Home

Social distancing giving you the birthday blues? Who knew that celebrating a birthday in spring 2020 would be so tricky?! I know that it’s difficult to come up with ideas to celebrate your birthday at home, but it is possible!

In this blog post you’ll find 27 ideas to celebrate your birthday at home, and I know that these ideas will help you spur more ideas. Social distancing sucks, but your birthday (or your spouse/friend/child’s birthday) can be extra special and memorable this year, even though you’re stuck at home. 

Need quarantine birthday ideas? Here are 27 ideas to celebrate your birthday at home!

27 Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday At Home

1. Get your friends and family to form a parade of cars. These birthday parades are popping up on instagram, YouTube, and even news networks because they’re just so darn happy! Call up 10-20 friends and families in your city and tell them a time of day to line up at the end of your street. Then have them all drive past your house, honking their horns, waving signs, holding balloons out the window, and singing to the birthday girl! 

2. Plan a breakfast delivery. Pick a special food that the birthday recipient is always talking about (like her favorite donuts, breakfast tacos, or brunch special from a nearby restaurant) and order it a day ahead so that it’s delivered on the front porch bright and early. Lots of third party delivery apps, like DoorDash, allow you to schedule a delivery. 

3. Tell your family to send you pre-recorded video messages. I did this for my husband’s quarantine birthday, and it was a special way to start the day! I just asked some friends and family to record 30-second clips of themselves wishing him HBD. Even though he couldn’t see them in real life, it was fun to be able to have everyone say hi and tell him they loved him while we enjoyed our donuts and coffee on the couch. 

4. Send a dessert. Most bakeries and still in business and will deliver a customized birthday treat to your front door! Know a friend with a sweet tooth? Send her her favorite dessert. Planning for your own birthday? TREAT YO SELF! Sugar is one of the best ideas to celebrate your birthday at home! 

5. Go on a picnic. Grab a blanket, some plates and cups and utensils, and a cooler full of beverages. Then, pack a homemade dinner or just order from a restaurant (we got Franklin BBQ for Nate’s birthday picnic!) and enjoy some time outside. Hint: if public parks are closed in your area, use your front lawn. It doesn’t need to be all that fancy, because it’s all about the food that you pack!

6. Plan a birthday treasure hunt. This is especially good for a child’s birthday, but anyone could enjoy it! (I’m 29 and I still enjoy a good scavenger hunt…) Plant clues throughout the house, and then hide the wrapped birthday present at the final destination. 

7. Spread the love! Throw candy at your neighbors! This one is another good suggestion for kids. Call up a few of your their friends so they’re ready, and then drive past their houses and allow the child to toss candy into their front yards. It’s a reverse parade! 

8. Set up a balloon trap outside their door. When your roommate walks out of her bedroom door, she’ll be ambushed with a wind tunnel of balloons! Here’s an easy tutorial.  

9. Go online shopping. Pick a set amount of money (or not! it’s your birthday!) and go online for a shopping spree for a few new pairs of shoes, a home item you’ve been wanting, or whatever your heart desires!

10. Order fresh flowers. Great for yourself or a loved one. Nothing announces “special occasion” like a bouquet of colorful flowers sitting on the kitchen counter. Or, if you want to learn how to arrange flowers yourself, take an online course in Austin through this company. They’ll even deliver supplies! 

11. Book a virtual tasting. There are sooo many of these, so look around in your instagram community to see what’s available in your city. In Austin, there’s a chocolate tasting class, wine tasting, and cheese tasting among many others. 

12. Do a dress-up zoom party. Invite your friends to a “virtual” birthday party, and give them a dress code! You can do black tie, 80’s themed, or maybe Tiger King attire? 😉 If food is your love language, you can even go all out and drop off cupcakes/wine at your guests’ doosr earlier in the day so that everyone celebrate with the same refreshments. 

13. Movie marathon. Set up twinkly lights in the living room, open a bottle of wine, and watch your way through a movie series that you love. 

14. Go on a virtual lunch date with friends. If your birthday falls on a work day, set up a virtual lunch date with two or three friends. You can request that everyone orders in from the same restaurant so it feels a little bit more connecting!

15. Virtual game night with friends. There are tons of virtual board games, charades, drawing games, and more available right now. Set up a game night to celebrate your new year of life! 

16. Order in a really fancy dinner. If there was ever a time to splurge on a steak and a really expensive bottle of wine, your birthday is it. If you live in Austin, click here for 10 ideas for fancy dinner restaurants that offer delivery or carry out. 

17. Netflix party. Thank you, Netflix, for making it so easy to watch Netflix with friends during this quarantine! Go to netflixparty.com for details on how to make this happen. Remember, you’re the birthday princess so you get to pick the show.  

18. Dress up. If you’ve been living in sweats for the past 3 weeks (we’re all guilty!), take your birthday as an excuse to wash your hair, put on some makeup, and wear your cutest outfit.  

19. Go to the museum. Ever wanted to visit the Guggenheim in NYC, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, or Picasso Museum in Barcelona? Now’s your chance! Lots of world-class museums are offering virtual tours. 

20. Make sure you have a really good cake! For the love, please don’t let your birthday go by without blowing out candles! Order a cake, get someone to make it for you, or bake one yourself if you’re really into baking. 

21. Make a really fancy cocktail. Great news – liquor stores are still open! Find a recipe and gather all of those obscure ingredients, and then enjoy trying something new. 

22. Cook at home. This is seriously one of the most underrated birthday activities, because most people want to go out to a fancy restaurant for their birthday. It takes some time to plan, gather ingredients, and make sure you know what you’re doing, but the act of preparing a meal with a loved one is so rewarding.  

23. Plant something in the garden. If you’re lucky enough to get nice weather on your birthday, use it to work in the garden! Not so lucky? Plant some houseplants and bring some new life into your house as you celebrate a new year of of your own life. 

24. Create a spa day. Is the birthday queen or king in need of a break? Make a spa day by ordering candles, bath salts, masks, and maybe a nice easy-reading book (here are 27 of my favorite fiction novels) and then close the door and give them a few hours alone. Bliss. 

25. Attend a concert….at home. Some of the world’s biggest recording artist are performing live concerts via instagram or Facebook live. Make a big deal of it, the same way you would if you were attending the arena show. Dress up, have a nice dinner before, and then drink your typical concert beverage (for me it’s an IPA) while you enjoy the show. Here is a schedule of livestream concerts. 

26. Put up a birthday banner. Or balloons, or a big sign in the front yard. Just do something to make a big show that it’s someone’s BIRTHDAY!

27.  Make the birthday recipient feel loved. A birthday, more than anything, is a feeling. Make sure the birthday recipient feels love from friends and family via cards, zoom calls, video messages, or any other mode. Planning your own birthday this year? Put out a call for love! Announce on social media that it’s your birthday, and enjoy the flood of attention. And most importantly, show some self love and make sure that you tell yourself that you’re important, remarkable, and oh-so-loved on this special day.

I hope this helps you come up with even more ideas to celebrate your birthday at home! I totally know that it’s not the same as being able to go out and celebrate IRL with your friends and family, but here’s to making the very best of it, living and loving big, and ringing in a new year of life with what will (hopefully) be the most unique birthday you’ve ever had. 

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Need quarantine birthday ideas? Here are 27 ideas to celebrate your birthday at home!



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