Your Guide To The Best Pizza In Austin

{Updated February 2020.} Organizing a “best pizza in Austin” list is challenging, because how can I possibly compare one style against another? A rectangular Detroit-style pizza with a thick, crunchy crust and heaps of melty cheese is totally different from a thin, round Neapolitan-style margheita pizza with leopard charring on the crust and a soft, wet middle. They’re both delicious in their own way.

The essential guide to the best pizza in Austin Texas

So I’m listing these in the order of how I personally recommend them to my friends and guests. The top of the list is my all-time favorite pie in Austin, but I really love all of these pizzas!

16 of the best pizza restaurants in Austin Texas!

The Best Pizza in Austin

1. Via 313

the best pizza in Austin Texas

Thick crust Detroit-style pizza is different from deep dish Chicago-style: Detroit is all about the thick, chewy crust with a crunchy exterior, while Chicago deep dish is basically a casserole of cheese.

Via 313 takes my #1 spot for Best Pizza in Austin because this pizza is the one I’m constantly craving and raving about! I went to Prince Street Pizza in NYC (you know, the famous one where all the celebrities have been? I ate my pizza there while looking at a photo of Kim Kardashian posing with a slice of pizza), and I truly believe that Via 313 makes a far superior deep dish pizza.

They have multiple food truck and brick-and-mortar locations, but to me, the Via 313 food truck parked behind Craft Pride on Rainey Street is the best. You’ll often find me here on a Friday night, noshing on a Detroiter double pepperoni pizza paired with a flight of craft Texas beer.

WEBSITE | Multiple locations

2. Jester King

Austin Texas: 14 must-visit breweries The best pizza places in Austin: Jester King Brewery

For starters, let me say that this is one of the BEST pizzas you can get in the Austin area, but my photo is crap. Haha. Don’t let that deter you! I snapped this with my iPhone when it was dark outside, and I need to take a better picture one of these days.

Jester King, the award-winning Hill Country brewery that makes their beer with spontaneous fermentation, has a brick-oven pizza stand on their property. The pizza dough is HEAVEN, I tell you. They make it with 100% Texas grains and cold fermented for 72 hours before it’s cooked in an 800-degree oven and then topped with local produce, veggies from their farm, and house-cured meats. 

WEBSITE | 13187 Fitzhugh Rd


the best pizza in Austin Texas

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. makes one of the best pizzas in Austin, but I think they’re often overlooked because the name “pizza” isn’t in the title.

They’ve won a gold medal for “Best Large Brewpub of the Year” from Great American Beer Festival for three years in a row because of their crisp German-style beer, but the big chewy-crust pizzas can’t be ignored. The pizzas at ABGB are made to be shared with a pitcher of beer. They’re thin, covered with creative and fresh toppings (I love the Texas Cheese Curd), and they pair perfectly with a big cold Pilsner.

WEBSITE | 1305 W Oltorf, Austin

4. Bufalina (and Bufalina Due)

the best pizza in Austin Texas

photo via

Bufalina flash-cooks their pies in a big white brick oven from Naples, producing small Neapolitan pizzas that are charred and puffy on the edges. This pizza is so carefully crafted, it’s a good spot to go with the basics: red pie, Margherita, or Calabrese.

WEBSITE | 1519 E Cesar Chavez and 6555 Burnet Rd, Austin

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5. Pinthouse Pizza

Here’s how I always describe Pinthouse Pizza to curious people: if you who grew up eating delivery pizza (Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and Papa Johns,) this pizza will taste familiar to you…but better! It’s the same size, the same puffy/chewy crust, and very familiar toppings (pepperoni, sausage, hawaiian, meat-lovers, etc.), but the flavors are fresh and rich and local. They have a few pies with creative toppings thrown in there, too! (I love the “Ooh La La” with red sauce, house cheese blend, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, baby arugula, spicy local honey, peppadew peppers, and Parmesan cheese.

PHP rules the hoppy beer scene of Austin. Pair your pizza with an IPA!

WEBSITE | three locations

6. Pieous

The essential guide to the best pizza in Austin Texas

You have to drive out until you’re in Dripping Springs, but it’s worth it for those scratch-made pizza crusts! This place is certified by VPN Americas, which means they follow all of the very specific criteria to call their pizza authentic Neapolitan pies.

Pieous is also known for the insanely delicious pastrami sandwiches, and their pastries. They sell a cookie that is literally as big as your face! (See it here in my guide to the best cookies in Austin.) 

WEBSITE | 166 Hargraves Dr, Austin

7. Homeslice

the best pizza in Austin Texas

What can I say? Austin LOVES some Homeslice! This is authentic New York – style pizza, all thin and foldy. It’s cooked to order in a hot stone oven and delivered to your table piping hot with a nice firm texture to the outside of the crust (but soft enough to fold in half in the middle, NY style!)

Order a whole pie for dine in or carry out, or walk up to the window to order a single slice for a quick lunch. I’ve done this too many times to count…

Also worth noting: Homeslice serves ridiculously tasty subs that are made on their homemade rolls. The meatball sub and the Italian sub are among the very best in Austin! 

WEBSITE | 1415 South Congress and 501 E 53rd St, Austin

8. 40 North

The essential guide to the best pizza in Austin Texas

Austin isn’t lacking in the Neapolitan pizza department! 40 North makes delicious, small, artisan pies with fresh toppings. It’s flash-cooked in a wood-fired oven and delivered to your table with a thin, wet middle and leopard charring around the edges. Authentically Neapolitan!

The restaurant is inside a little house between downtown and Clarksville. It’s cute and cozy and a great place to meet up for a lunch date!

WEBSITE | 500 W 10th St, Austin

9. Little Deli

Little Deli is a neighborhood gem in the true sense of the word! Everyone and their grandmother’s dog knows about Homeslice, but not as many folks are aware that this darling deli tucked into a shopping center in a Crestview neighborhood is serving some of the best New Jersey-style pies you’ll find in the state of Texas.

Psst: Just like Pieous, Little Deli offers one of the most delicious cookies in Austin! I mention one it in this blog post.

WEBSITE | 7101 Woodrow Ave, Austin

10. The Backspace

the best pizza in Austin Texas

There aren’t many things that will get me out to the raucous crowds on Dirty Sixth Street, but the pizza at The Backspace will! These small Neapolitan pies are cooked in a wood-fired oven and delivered with a nice charring around the edges. The Backspace is an intimate restaurant that only seats 30, so it’s a lovely space to open a bottle of red wine to pair with those pizzas on date night.

Looking for a fun date night idea? Go to Backspace for dinner, then walk around the corner to the secretive Midnight Cowboy cocktail bar for post-dinner drinks.

WEBSITE | 507 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin

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11. East Side Pies

the best pizza in Austin Texas

I’ll be honest: East Side Pies is my “drunk pizza” of choice…haha! I love chowing down on one or two of these cheap, thin, greasy slices of pizza at the end of a night out. They have locations around Austin, so it’s not hard to find one after bar hopping. They heat your slice of pizza to order, so it takes 5 minutes or so to get it but it’s delivered piping hot!

WEBSITE | multiple locations

12. Il Brutto

the best pizza in Austin Texas

Craving Neapolitan pizza + cocktails in a gorgeous outdoor setting? Head to Il Brutto! They have a beautiful outdoor patio where you can enjoy a few pizzas and Negronis while sitting under the shade of a giant Live Oak tree. 

I will say….although these pizzas are tasty, I don’t feel that they master the true art of Neapolitan pizza in the same way that Bufalina and Pieous do. However, I prefer the ambiance of Il Brutto. Their patio really is so lovely, especially on a cool autumn evening! 

WEBSITE | 1601 E 6th St

13. Italic

The essential guide to the best pizza in Austin Texas

Italic is a gorgeous Italian restaurant in Downtown Austin, and they have fantastic pasta and salads and wine, but I happen to love stopping by for a quick pizza + Negroni at the bar! They have a fantastic weekday happy hour (see details here) where you can enjoy discounted pizza  before heading out to go see a show or a concert.

WEBSITE | 123 W 6th St, Austin

A few others that aren’t from Austin

I kept this blog post to just pies that were from Austin, but here are a few other options from chain restaurants that opened a location in Austin:

Cane Rosso

the best pizza in Austin Texas

photo via

You can get a really solid Neapolitan pie from this Dallas chain! I love the entire restaurant ambiance – great service, gorgeous decor, and they have brunch, too!

WEBSITE | 4715 S Lamar Blvd #103, Sunset Valley, Austin

North Italia

the best pizza in Austin Texas

I’m going to start by talking about something other than pizza, because I just have to mention it: North Italia’s downtown restaurant is one of the most beautiful places to dine! They have a corner restaurant with lots of natural light, white marble table tops, big windows that allow guests to look into the kitchen, and a bright, hip mural covering an entire indoor wall.

Oh…and the pizza is pretty great, too. 😉 They’re small with a nice thin, chewy crust. Go for happy hour to enjoy the daily pizza and the Margherita pizza for just $8.

WEBSITE | 500 W 2nd Street #120, or 11506 Century Oaks Terrace, Suite 124

Desano Pizzeria

The essential guide to the best pizza in Austin Texas

photo via

Another one that follows the strict guidelines of VPN! Desano is a chain  that started in Nashville and now has several locations around the country, and (yup) they have one in downtown Austin, too!

WEBSITE | 301 Lavaca St, Austin

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16 of the best pizza restaurants in Austin Texas!

The ultimate guide to Austin's best pizza restaurants

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