First Time To Austin? Here’s Where To Eat…

Visiting Austin Texas? Here's where to eat!

Wondering where to eat in Austin if it’s your first time to visit? You’re in luck – I created this guide just for you! 

I’m writing this blog post by popular request, because without a doubt, the #1 question I get via messages on instagram, emails from readers, comments on the blog, or just random strangers who find out I’m a food blogger is:

Where Should I Eat In Austin As A First Time Visitor? 

It’s kind of vague, and it’s a little hard to answer! Haha. Now, to be fair, I ask the same thing of locals when I visit a new city. Without being able to specify exactly what type of food I’m craving and where in town I’ll be hanging out, I just want the answer to my “generally-speaking-what’s-the-best-food-in-town?” type of question…

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So I compiled this list for all of you who are like me, who want to be given 3 solid choices in a wide variety of categories.

(Now, these are my top 3 choices, but I have SO many other suggestions on my Austin Index. Click here to run your own search by part of town, type of food, or time of day.)

I chose 11 popular food categories for this list:

Breakfast Tacos




Coffee Shops

Food Trucks

Ice Cream




Juice Bar/Healthy

Best Austin Breakfast Tacos

New to Austin? Here's where to eat! // Tyson's tacos in Austin TX for breakfast tacos!

  1. Veracruz All Natural. [WEBSITEOne of the most popular taco trucks in Austin with two truck locations + a  brick and mortar in Round Rock. Their migas taco is award-winning and will knock your socks off.
  2. Polvo’s. [WEBSITEI adore these breakfast tacos! Polvo’s makes their big, warm flour tortillas homemade every day and fills them up with your choice of ingredients. My go-to is a simple egg/chorizo/cheese or egg/bean/potato. These babies are pretty massive; one of them will fill me up!
  3. Tyson’s Taco’s [WEBSITE] They’re open 24/7 and “Authentically Austin,” meaning the team at Tyson’s Tacos learned how to make their tacos from Austinites! Expect lots of smoky BBQ flavors and funny names, like my favorite, the Avocado Abogado with ribeye and avocado! Mmmm…

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Best Austin BBQ

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat!

  1. La Barbecue. [WEBSITE] The trailer just permanently closed so that La Barbecue could start serving from a brick and mortar at Quickie Pickie on the east side….exciting! The lines can be long (but no where near as long as Franklin BBQ). It’s ok….that just makes the brisket taste that much better!
  2. Valentina’s Tex Mex Barbecue. [WEBSITE] For something totally unique, try Valentina’s. They serve meat by the pound and on sandwiches, but I’d pass on that and try their delicious tacos: smoked meat served in a fluffy, homemade flour tortilla. Yes. Please.
  3. LeRoy and Lewis. [WEBSITE]  I adore this BBQ trailer opened by Evan Leroy and Sawyer Lewis. They offer “new school barbecue,” because Evan said that he was tired of every bbq place having the exact same menu. I particularly love their desserts…if you can save room for it, try their Brisket Chocolate Chip Cookie with Peanut Butter Frosting.

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Best Austin Pizza

New to Austin? Here's where to eat! Best pizza in Austin!

  1. Homeslice Pizza. [WEBSITE] Get it by the slice or by the pie, but everyone needs to try Homeslice Pizza at least once….it’s the most famous pizzeria in Austin! It’s a New York style thin crust, but they also make a deep dish that is deeeeelish.
  2. Pinthouse Pizza. [WEBSITE] This one is my personal favorite, and I eat it way too often…. You’ll probably run into me here sometime! It’s also an award-winning brewpub with some fantastic IPAs and a killer guest tap list.
  3. Via 313. [WEBSITE] Perfect for those late-night cravings when you’re bar-crawling. 🙂 Via 313 is Detroit-style, so it’s a rectangular deep-dish pizza cut into four pieces. There’s a a couple brick and mortar locations, but I love the food truck location at Craft Pride on Rainey Street best.

Best Austin Breweries

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat!

For a giant guide, click here to see the 14 must-visit craft breweries in Austin Texas. Just looking for my top 3 recommendations? Here they are: 

  1. ABGB. [WEBSITEThey won the Great American Beer Festival award for “Brewpub of the Year” for 3 years in a row, so need I say more? (I will.) The vibe is amazing, with a stage for live music/dancing, a giant outdoor area for hanging out with friends, and long picnic tables inside, perfect for big groups! The pizza is amazing. (I didn’t include it earlier because I’m listing it here, but it’s one of my favorite pizza places in Austin!) They’ve won many more GABF awards for their beer, and the “Hell Yes” Helles is my personal favorite. Parking can be a pain, but if you take a ride share, you can enjoy even more beer!
  2. Hops and Grain. [WEBSITE] This east side brewery + tap room is open from 10 am – 10 pm, 7 days a week. Its a well-established brewery in Austin, so a (free) 45-min tour is a fun thing to add to your visit.
  3. St Elmo Brewing Co. [WEBSITEA small but mighty brewery and tap room located at The Yard in south Austin. This is such a fun place to hang out with friends, drink a few pints, and order some insanely delicious pan-asian food from Soursop food truck.

Best Austin Coffee Shops

New to Austin? Here's where to eat!

  1. Houndstooth CoffeeThey have a lovely coffee program and skilled baristas, so you’re guaranteed an expertly pulled shot of espresso or a deep and complex pour over. Three locations in Austin.
  2. Fleet CoffeeWant to feel about 42% more hipster immediately? Go to Fleet Coffee. It’s an adorable, tiny, triangular coffee shop on the East Side with a knowledgeable staff and an impressive list of imported roasters.
  3. Figure 8 Coffee PurveyorsThere’s something about East Austin and great coffee shops… Figure 8 is another must-try for all the coffee snobs out there. If you’re up for a double dose of caffeine, stop by after your visit to Fleet Coffee!

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Best Austin Food Trucks

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat!

If you’re serious about your food truck adventures, you need to use this interactive map to see the top 16 BEST food trucks in Austin

  1. Soursop. I rave about this place to all my friends, and everyone I know who has eaten here has LOVED it! Soursop food truck is a pan-asian fusion truck with theeee most delicious roti flatbread and curry dishes you’ll ever taste. It’s parked outside St. Elmo brewery, so grab a flight of beer while you’re eating!
  2. The Churro Co. You’ll find one of the best desserts in Austin at the Churro Co., where churro dough is made from scratch and fried to order. Try all sort of delicious toppings (seriously, try them all!).
  3. Thai Kun by East Side King.  This colorful thai food truck is a spin-off from East Side King, the popular Japanese-fusion restaurant by Paul Qui and Moto Utsunomiya. The food is spicy and fun, and the truck is parked outside the popular East Austin cocktail bar, Whisler’s.

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Best Austin Ice Cream

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat!

  1. Dolce Neve GelatoThis gelato shop is tiny and always busy. It’s called “Local Italian Gelato” because it was opened by three Italians….and you can taste the authenticity! The flavors vary from typical Italian gelato choices (Stracciatella, Organic Pistachio) to more adventurous choices (Mascarpone with Figs.)
  2. Lick Honest Ice Cream. The ice cream masters at Lick start with really good ingredients, so you know the result will be something fantastic. Their regular flavors are anything but “regular”, and the seasonal ones are so much fun…I have to taste them all every time I go! But without fail, Texas Sheet Cake is my all-time favorite flavor.
  3. Amy’s Ice Creams. The busiest location is on South Congress, but that’s also the best place to grab a scoop + mix ins (Mexican Vanilla is their #1 seller…it tastes like cake batter!) and walk over to the SoCo bridge to watch the bats.

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Best Austin Brunch

First time to Austin? Here's where you should eat...

  1. Dai DueThis one is for all the carnivores out there! This supper club + butcher shop sources their meat locally, so you get a lot of Texas game (wild boar, beef, venison, quail) that is expertly prepared. The restaurant is smoky from the open flames, and everything smells delicious. Bonus: breakfast is served on weekdays, too!
  2. Jack Allen’s Kitchen. The all-you-can-eat buffet brunch at Jack Allen’s isn’t for the faint of heart! You’ll find all of your favorite southern foods like chicken fried everything, green chile pork and eggs, and biscuits and gravy.
  3. Epicerie. It’s a precious French-American cafe + grocery store with a simple menu. Epicerie is well-loved in Austin for its simple French brunch of Croque Madame and Quiche in a quant, bright setting.

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Best Austin Dinner Restaurants

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat!

  1. Emmer and Rye. Chef Kevin Fink and team raised the bar by not only making their own bread and pasta, but also their own flour. A dim sum cart is rolled around multiple times during the meal to add one more level of fun to dining out!
  2. Odd Duck This food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar is beautiful, trendy, locally sourced, and oh-so-deliciousEveryone should eat a meal at Odd Duck during their first visit to ATX.
  3. Uchi. There are now Uchi locations in Dallas, Houston, and Denver (on the way)….so come see the original sushi restaurant that started it all! I love the Sake Social from 5-6:30 for some discounted bites and sips. (It gets crowded, so show up early!)

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Best Austin Cocktail Bars

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat...

  1. Half Step. (WEBSITE) Rainey Street grows increasingly crowded with every passing year, but as long as bars like Half Step stick around, I’ll keep showing up. The expertly crafted cocktails are best enjoyed outside, in my opinion, on the sprawling Rainey Street gravel patio.
  2. Midnight Cowboy. (WEBSITE) This speakeasy-type bar is tucked away amidst the craziness of 6th Street. Ring the secret doorbell and you’ll be seated to an attentive server who actually prepares the drinks on a bar cart in front of your table. Tip: be sure to make reservations. 
  3. Small Victory. (WEBSITE)  An intimate downtown space and undoubtedly the best martinis in Austin! Their progressive ice program means that you’re guaranteed extra cold martinis that aren’t watered down.

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Best Austin Juice Bars and Healthy Restaurants

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat!

  1. The Soup Peddler. This is a very Austin-y juice bar. It began with the owner delivering soup via bicycle in 2002, and now it’s a 5-location company that makes fresh juice, smoothies, and healthy soups every day. Walk up to the window to get a cold-pressed juice or a smoothie to go, or stop by for a delicious cup of soup if you’re craving a healthier option for lunch or dinner.
  2. Picnik. “We Make Good Food That Also Happens To Be Good For You.” Picnik was founded by a woman who has battled a chronic food-allergy-related illness her entire life, and her solution was to make allergen-free foods. If you have any dietary restrictions (or just need some really delicious, healthy food), Picnik is your jam.
  3. Juiceland. There are locations all over the state of Texas (and one in Brooklyn, NY!), but Juiceland started right here in Austin. Whether you’re into green juice, or you just want something cold and fruity, Juiceland has flavorful options for everyone.

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Austin IndexLooking for more Austin restaurant recommendations? Head to my ABOUT page for a round-up of my most popular blog posts, or click here to run your own search on my .

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat!


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